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History of Hill's Liquere

Albin Hill established Hill's Liguere in 1920. He starting out as a wine wholesaler and soon after began producing his own liquor and liqueurs. His son Radomil was born in 1924. He grew up with the business and in his late teens went to Prague to study in the school of liqueur mixing and production. At that time there were only 3 such schools in the whole of Europe, in Berlin, Paris, and Prague. 


In 1947, Radomil Hill started his own arm of the firm in Valasske Mezirici, in North Moravia. The father and son operation prospered producing specialties such as Absinth, Radigast (herbal liqueur named after the Slavic God of War) 160 proof 'Alpsky Rum' (Alp Style Rum), and Zubrovka (Bison Grass Vodka)


Unfortunately in 1948 all things changed for the Hill's. The new communist regime began their program of nationalizing every business meaning that all company land and property were confiscated, including Radomil's own car. 

Albin Hill was forced to work as night watchmen in his senior years. No pension was given to him as he was considered a capitalist by the state. He died a broken man. 


In 1950 Radomil Hill went to work for Fruta in Bohemia, (a state-created liquor producing monopoly) as a truck driver. It became known that Radomil had expert knowledge about producing liquors and moved up in the company until he reached chief of production. Because of his capitalist past, and not being in the communist party, he could not assume the position of CEO. Although in all practicality he was. 


In 1990 after the Velvet Revolution Radomil Hill was one of the first to negotiate the return of his property. He had 50 oak casks of 500 Liters capacity made and once again the family business began to thrive. Today, 72 kinds of liquor are produced including Hill's Absinth.


  • High quality

    Excellent combination of eight to eleven herbs is macerated in extra fine grain alcohol according to 90 years old family recipe. Our absinths are 100% natural without any artificial coloring and additives.

  • Design

    We try to reach perfect combination of quality, price and design. All of our products come in beautiful and unique bottles with striking labels and with wormwood branch inside.

  • Price

    While having premium quality, we offer our products at extremely competitive prices on its range what made our absinths best-selling in the market.


Recipe for today

Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon, also called the Hemingway or the Hemingway Champagne, is a cocktail made up of obsinthe and Champagne invented by Ernest Hemingway.



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