Euphoria Elixir Absinth

  • 79% Alc by Vol.
  • 35 mg/kg Thujon

Euphoria  Elixir Absinth is an extra strong absinth concentrate that is characterized by full power of natural herbs and highest legal level of thujone 35mg/kg.

This powerful spirit combines the bitterness with mellowness and demonstrates a remarkable harmony and intense taste. This well-balanced and high in alcohol spirit is based only on natural products requiring no less than 11 herbs drastically selected including grande wormwood, characterized by its uniquely unequalled fragrance and savour. Its colour is obtained from a maceration of hyssop, petite wormwood and melissa.

Add a few drops by using pipette that comes with a bottle to your favourite drink, cocktail or absinth and make your glass herbally smooth and strong.

We recomend to drink in moderation.


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